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I get the feeling this post is going to be very short.  Truth be told I don’t remember much about the before and after of my first surgery.  Please understand I’m sharing this from my year old memory of a set of moments that came and went in a pain and medicine induced haze.  ALSO- If I get some of this wrong, let me know with a and I’ll approve it and then make an Editorial change with all of them.

Rush’n Attack:

From what I’ve told, Nathan got us to Timpanogos Regional Hospital in record time.  I can only imagine him using the speed and care of a professional Rally Car driver.  He’s crazy good like that.  😉  I on the other hand was in the back seat ready to go to sleep with Kaylene in the front passenger seat keeping me awake and out of shock.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sleepy, it was the shock.   Either way i think we got there in record time.  Thanks Nate!

Sorry, George Clooney already finished his shift:

When we got to the ER they got me inside, not sure if I walked in or what?!? I know the nurses could see I was in bad shape and they rushed me back into the ER.  They tried to get my blood pressure 3 times with no success.  Kaylene tells me they pumped me full of IV fluids, and then turned me upside down!  My blood pressure at that point was 55/22.  This is below any sustainable level.  When blood pressure is too low, the first organ to malfunction is usually the brain.  Needless to say I scared some people.


One morning, Kevin wakes up to find his dog dead, lying next to his bed. He can’t quite believe it, so decides to take him to the vet. The Vet takes one look at the dog and says, “Kevin, I’m truly sorry, but your dog is dead.”
“No. He can’t be dead. I demand a second opinion!” replies Kevin.
The doctor nods and agrees. He goes into the back room and brings out a cat. The cat jumps all over the dog, bites it, looks at the vet and says, “Meow.”
The vet again says, “I’m sorry but your dog is truly dead.”
Kevin says, “No!, I don’t believe it, I want another opinion.”
The vet nods and brings out a Labrador Retriever, which then begins to jump all over the dead dog, tugging at it before barking, “Woof roof woof!”
The vet says, “Sir, your dog is dead. That will be 400 dollars.”
” to tell me my dog is dead?” asks Kevin.
“Well,” the vet replies, “I charge 50 dollars, the cat scan is 200 and the lab test is 150 dollars…”
Back to reality… kinda:
I had received a CAT scan a few weeks before this incident when I was experiencing my previous pains.  With the horrible blood pressure reading of 55/22, they rushed me in and performed another one.  The Radiologist looked over the CAT scan films and told my wife that they weren’t sure what was wrong since My cat scans were showing ok.  She left and came back, maybe 15 minutes later, ready to rush me into surgery.  This fine doctor had made a human error and was looking at my CAT scan results from the previous scan two weeks before.  I was bleeding internally.  My bowel (Large intestine) had ruptured and was spilling into my body cavity.  I was in Septic shock and my Liver and Kidneys were also failing.  All around I was a huge mess.
Some of what I can tell you here is what I remember, some is what i’ve been told, and some is what I think I remember telling people.  Out of all this I can only truly remember the following things.
  1. Stumbling to the car
  2. Me wanting to lie down in the back, and my wife kept talking to me to keep me awake.
  3. 4 seconds of walking from the waiting room through the doors into the ER.
  4. Wheeling to the CAT scan
  5. The Doctor telling us that my Kidneys and Liver were failing. ( This stands out most)

And there is part 2.

2 Responses to “2. Before the first surgery”

  • Peggy Steele says:

    this is all literally between life and death;
    or rather,
    life and life

    the cat/lab scan is a great analogy!

    glad you were living w/Rawlings then

    How was your lab experience this morning?

  • Aunt Marlene says:

    Wow–keep writing. Glad things are better.

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