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You’ve Been RickRolled

Love Kevin

PostHeaderIcon The Seventh Food Group

Ok. How many of us walk into a restaurant thinking… I’ll just have the salad.  Then think of what you actually walked out with.  Now read the following.


This reminds me of me.  I dont’ think I like to pig out.  I just like food.  I enjoy taste and texture.  I like finding the ingredients, purely from tasting the food.  So if something looks attractive, I’m sorely tempted to chow down.  Most who know me know I love barbecue.  LOVE.  Like, I would have married it if I hadn’t found a more glorious partner.  So, I decided to list a few of my Favorite Restaurants/Food Makers.

  1. SweetAndZestyPlace: Famous Daves Barbecue
    Discovered: Midvale, Utah
    Favorite: Sweet and Zesty Barbecue Sauce
    Home Page:
    Wonderful food with a down home atmosphere and easy going blues flowing over the air.  Wonderful taste and true variety in the form of BBQ sauce choices.  Devils Spit for those who like it HOT, Georgia Mustard for the Carolina BBQ lover in you, or sweet and zesty for a little Memphis.  They sell the sauces online and they can be found in Texas Kroger Stores and other stores around the US.
  2. Guys SeasoningPlace: Guys Meat Meat Market
    Discovered: Houston Texas
    Favorite:  2 Hour Burger Time
    Home Page:
    Warning: This is not a restaurant.  This is WonderBBQ-To-Go!  Guys Meat Market is a Butcher shop whose roots go back as far as 1938.  You can find the shop on Old Spanish Road, right east of Almeda in the Medical Center of Houston.  The store is open Tuesday – Saturday.  I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND going on Tuesday -Friday during 11AM-1 PM.  At this time you can pick up a Guys BBQ burger with the works.  I’ve never had a better burger.  EVER.
  3. Marionberry Pie Ice CreamPlace: Tillamook Cheese
    Discovered: Oregon
    Favorite: Marionberry Pie Ice Cream
    Home Page:
    While they don’t make Barbecue, they make the best cheese ever.  And they also make my MOSTEST FAVORITE ICE CREAM!!!  Until I served my mission in Oregon, I had no idea that there even was a Marionberry.  But upon to Madras, MarionBerry Pie was the first desert that I had. Since then I’ve been hooked and Tillamook makes the best Marionberry Pie Ice Cream as well as all the other items like Cheese, Butter, and Beef Jerky.

Have you been to these places, used their product.  If so, I would love your thoughts on them.

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PostHeaderIcon Update on School Progress

WGU LogoHere’s a current list of Classes I’ve finished and what I’ve got left over.  I just finished MY Natural Sciences II and Project Management coursework.  I’ve now got to finish my Portfolio Project before deciding what classes to choose for the rest of my term.  So I’m Halfway through my 3 year goal and on track.  Yay Me!!!

Classes Finished:
Term 1:
Education without Boundaries
Leadership and Professionalism
Quantitative Literacy
Term 2:
Foundations of Language and Communication
Quantitative Reasoning and Communication
IT Fundamentals I
IT Fundamentals II
IT Fundamentals III
Programming Fundamentals
Term 3:
Networks I
Ethics Part I
Ethics Part II
Social Science Part II: American History & Government, World History and Geography
Term 4:
Natural Science Part II:Concepts & Theories-Life, Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences
Project Management

Classes still to pass:
IT Portfolio
Client Systems
Web Technologies
Research, Writing and Oral Presentation
Rhetorical and Critical Writing
Reasoning & Problem Solving in the Context of the Humanities Part I
Reasoning & Problem Solving in the Context of the Humanities Part II
Programming Fundamentals II
Database I
Security I
Technical Writing
IT Capstone Project

Kevin Steele

PostHeaderIcon What happens when you don’t pay enough attention…

Kaylene regularly posts on the family blog at and on her sidebar she has polls that she created.  Yesterday she was creating a new post and I looked over at her administration page.  The polls sections had her latest title in, and since I hadn’t looked at the site yet (Yes, bad bad Kevin) I read the title and it looked like this.

Name your Favorite Coloured Family….

 WHAT!!!!  I looked over at my wife and said something to this affect “Well, I prefer the Cosby’s but are you sure that this is an appropriate thing to be polling about???”  She didn’t seem to worried about it…  She then pointed out that the title actually says “What’s your favorite Color Family”….  Like Reds, Blues or Greens.  DOH.  I should have payed more attention. 

And then again,  it’s not always me not paying attention.  She posted a nice post about her and little things that make up her life.  She had a section on family and posted this (It has since been changed). 

“Kevin, my husband for 7 years and my best friend for almost 8 now, he’s tall and strong, and takes good care of me, especially late at night.”

I read this and started laughing.  I read it out loud to her and she blushed, laughed, and quickly edited it out.  Too bad I have it here in my blog.  Mwa hahahaha.  Actually, the comment is about how late at night, I’ll go check on noises, get her Tylenol, etc…  Nightly though, it’s about how I switch sides with her to make it easier to feed Joseph.  I’m used to it that from a fairly dead sleep, I can get up and switch bedsides with out too much noise or hubub.  Her original comment was innocent enough though.

 I love you Kaylene.  Thanks for putting up with my misreadings.

PostHeaderIcon Happiness

What is Happiness?  These videos remind me of what happiness can be.  Click on the Title of each one to go to the Pangea Day page that gives you more information.

Happiness is:

Not found in things!



If you don’t have something nice to say, change the message…

Stille Post


Finding a friend in an unexpected place…



Lifting the meek with music…

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars


PostHeaderIcon Climate Change – Can we clean up the world?

While I agree that we have much too large of a negative effect on the environment, I don’t fall into a global warming fanatic of doom and gloom.  That said, I enjoyed some of the Pangea Day Vids dealing with this.  My favorite is a cure film called…


Another Great Video was an Animated Origami from Paraguay called…



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