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I hate Politicians… All Promises and No Delivery…


Sinfest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

Sinfest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

And THIS is what happens to the ECONOMY when we leave our Government to be under the influence of Biz and Special Interest groups. BTW what a crock of Crap – They do not represent consumer’s interests, they represent Companie’s interests.



Sinfest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

Sinfest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

And when the ECONOMY fails and the Special/Business Interests are in trouble, the Government sells us out to the Businesses and expects us to take it. UGHHHH, Pres, Senate, House, Business – You disgust me !!@#%!~%@#$%!*#!!


Sinfest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

Sinfest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

PostHeaderIcon Conversation’s/(Guilt Trips) with God!

Ever Feel Like This…..

SinFest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

SinFest Comic by Tatsuya Ishida


I know I have, and my guess is you have too if you’ve ever tried building your relationship with god.  Though me thinks that most of this part of the conversation has more to do with the internal struggle that all us sinners deal with.  For me personally, I really have to struggle to stop listening to my self, and break on through to the other side.  Then the true conversation can begin.  Short thought of the moment, but it just made me think.



Image by Tatsuya Ishida

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Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

Comic by Tatsuya Ishida

With the devastation of Ike, there is a lot that runs through your head.  included in the hardships of day to day life, is the inevitable question, “Is god out there?”.  Why would he allow this?  Or, Why would he do this to people?

I wonder if….  God is love.  That’s what they say isn’t it.  From the mortal experience, we seem to have all sorts of perspective on Love.  I believe we are allowed to have as much control over Nature as he does.  We forget though that both we and he have to play by the rules.  It’s funny but you can think of the Holy Ghost as a referree and all you have to do is ask, “Am I gonna win this one?  Is it worth losing the game?  What do I do?”. 

See,  existance has rules, and even God “walks the razors edge of necessity” (Skousen, Cleon) in what he can and cannot reveal to us without taking away our free will.  So, Heavenly Father is more aware of the rules, loopholes, and damage than we are.  But he doesn’t keep that hidden on purpose, we just have to faithfully ask.  As well as asking we are required to have faith that the “Universe is the great Equalizer” (Isani Cayetano).  We may not win this round, we may not understand God’s nature, but we must maintain faith that he is a fair and just God.  God will restore what is ours to us in time.

I have a testimony that God is just with us and that he allows us to have strife, temptation, and challenges.  He also promises to be with us when we ask of him.  He will return to us our righteousness, justice, mercy, goodness, kindness, injustices, intolerance, and all our doings.  God lives by the Golden Rule.  I think I’ll close this post with the words of Alma to Corianton, the son he loved so much he gave these great words of wisdom. (pulled from



12 And now behold, is the meaning of the word restoration to take a thing of a natural state and place it in an unnatural state, or to place it in a state opposite to its nature?

  13 O, my son, this is not the case; but the meaning of the word restoration is to bring back again aevil for evil, or carnal for carnal, or devilish for devilish—good for that which is good; righteous for that which is righteous; just for that which is just; merciful for that which is merciful.
  14 Therefore, my son, see that you are merciful unto your brethren; deal ajustly, bjudge righteously, and do cgood continually; and if ye do all these things then shall ye receive your dreward; yea, ye shall have emercy restored unto you again; ye shall have justice restored unto you again; ye shall have a righteous judgment restored unto you again; and ye shall have good rewarded unto you again.
  15 For that which ye do asend out shall return unto you again, and be restored; therefore, the word restoration more fully condemneth the sinner, and justifieth him not at all.

PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Party.

We stayed.  Both Kaylene and I prayed about it and we felt comfortable staying.  We experienced intermittent power loss throughout the night but by the morning the power was back on as well as the internet.  I wanted to include some pics and thoughts of this Hurricane called Ike.

Ok, so Ike has come and went and Houston is definitely worse for wear.  Centerpoint Energy controls the Power grid for central Houston/Harris County and has announced that only the Medical Center and Downtown area still have power.  They estimated that only half a million people have power and that it will be 1-3 weeks before the other 2.1million people (In Harris county only) will have power restored.  Galveston was hit hard, just as predicted, yet many of the residents stayed.  I guess they thought it would be fun.  After all this was the third Hurricane to blow our direction in the last 2 months. 

The Balinese Room

The Balinese Room

Ike decimated much of Galveston Island.  All allong the seawal was debris and devastation.  They were showing pictures of the streets lined with wreckage from a Hooters, Pier Fishing shops, and the Balinese Room.  The Balinese Room has been around for over 70 years and hosted such entertainers as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. 

One news reporter mentioned that there was debris covering the seawall boulevard for over 30-40 blocks.  It has been crazy to watch some of the new reports roll in.  I agree with Kaylene that watching to much of it makes you feel sick. 

The picture is from via the Associated Press.  Click on it and it will take you to the news link for the Balinese Room.

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SO it’s finally time to reveal why my title is what it is.  The Three words are a form of Quasi-Latin used as the name of three Mythical swords.  These swords have been passed down through the ages each one owned and cared for a by a Knight of the Cross.  The Knights, with the swords, “serve the righteous for a just cause”.  Each sword carries one of three nails from the cross built into the hilt.  The swords names , meaning, and connections are listed below.


  • Hebrews 11:6
  • Katana 


  • Shiro Yoshimo
  • Faith


  • Hebrews 7:19
  • Saber


  • Sanya
  • Hope


  • 1st Corinthians 13:4-8
  • Broadsword


  • Michael Carpenter
  • Love/Charity

 So…. Literally the title of my Blog translates into Faith, Hope, and Charity.  I think that it is a great reminder to me to have a personal reminder of the virtues of god on my home and my blog.


The names, owners and backgrounds of the swords are part of a fictional fantasy series called “The Dresden Files” and are authored by Jim Butcher.  They are his, not my Original Creation.

PostHeaderIcon Another One Bites the dust

I finished my Portfolio and turned it in for grading.  My Portfolio was made of…

  • Two Cover Sheets
  • Employer Authorization form (Because my portfolio covered a Baylor Project)
  • Table of Contents
  • 8 Page Essay covering any trend in IT. I came up with…
    “Open Source Software as a Communication Bridge in IT Project Management”
  • Reference Page with a list of APA formatted Citations for all references used
  • Competency Matrix with 16 listed competencies relating to the Essay.
  • Exhibit 1: MySQL Open Source Database used in project as Web Site data storage.
  • Exhibit 2: PDF and iCal files of Project Schedule made as an addition to the website for offline schedule verifications
  • Exhibit 3: XHTML Source code showing both PHP and hand created code instructing users on how to setup IP printers on OS X
  • Exhibit 4: WordPress Theme developed to maintain look and feel of other internal Baylor websites.  Included Text from the CSS file for the presentational layout, as well as the whole theme file zipped up for review by the grader.

WGU Logo

Looking back on it now, it seems like a long list.  But I enjoyed getting all the parts together.  Lucky for me I had a past project that I lead and had intimate experience with.  Using that project, I built my portfolio files and data during July and August and then finished the Essay in 2 days. 

The class has twelve grading rubrics ranging from 1.0-4.0 and an overall 3.0 is the minimum passing standard.  Overall, I was happy with what I had submitted, and while I wasn’t expecting a 4.0 on this grade, I felt confident that I wouldn’t have to resubmit.  Of the small concerns I had about the submission, Dr. Teston gave me some good viewpoints so I felt better as I waited to find out my grade.  

So I checked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, waiting to see my grade.  Nothing showed up and I went home after work, ready for the weekend.  Late Friday Night I was surfing around and ran out of interesting places to look at on the internet (Funny huh).  I decided to look one last time at the TaskStream website where my portfolio was being graded.  The Class came up with a lock on it, and I clicked on the Submission Tab.  And there, at 7:15 PM, my Grader had posted my grade.  Dun Dun Dun Dun!!!!!

Wait... What...


3.92 out of 4.0 Roughly equal to a 98%.  Santa Vaca!!! Not only did I pass, I passed right up at the top.  I let out a whoop of triumph and scared Kaylene.  Luckily Joey didn’t wake up so she didn’t automatically kick me.  What a Triumph.  As you can tell, I’m proud of myself.

So I have till the end of October to finish some more classes.  Since I’ve been focusing on Non Tech Classes at the beginning of the term, I’m thinking of finishing the Web Tecnologies and Client Systems Certification. 

Classes Finished:
Term 1:

  • Education without Boundaries
  • Leadership and Professionalism
  • Quantitative Literacy

Term 2:

  • Foundations of Language and Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Communication
  • IT Fundamentals I
  • Rhetorical and Critical Writing
  • IT Fundamentals II
  • IT Fundamentals III
  • Programming Fundamentals

Term 3:

  • Networks I
  • Ethics Part I
  • Ethics Part II
  • Social Science Part II: American History & Government, World History and Geography

Term 4:

  • Natural Science Part II:Concepts & Theories-Life, Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences
  • Project Management
  • IT Portfolio

Classes still to pass:

Classes with Technical Certifications:

  • Client Systems
  • Web Technologies
  • Programming Fundamentals II
  • Database I
  • Security I

Non-Technical Classes:

  • Research, Writing and Oral Presentation
  • Reasoning & Problem Solving in the Context of the Humanities Part I
  • Reasoning & Problem Solving in the Context of the Humanities Part II
  • Technical Writing
  • IT Capstone Project

Kevin Steele


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