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PostHeaderIcon Hurricane Party.

We stayed.  Both Kaylene and I prayed about it and we felt comfortable staying.  We experienced intermittent power loss throughout the night but by the morning the power was back on as well as the internet.  I wanted to include some pics and thoughts of this Hurricane called Ike.

Ok, so Ike has come and went and Houston is definitely worse for wear.  Centerpoint Energy controls the Power grid for central Houston/Harris County and has announced that only the Medical Center and Downtown area still have power.  They estimated that only half a million people have power and that it will be 1-3 weeks before the other 2.1million people (In Harris county only) will have power restored.  Galveston was hit hard, just as predicted, yet many of the residents stayed.  I guess they thought it would be fun.  After all this was the third Hurricane to blow our direction in the last 2 months. 

The Balinese Room

The Balinese Room

Ike decimated much of Galveston Island.  All allong the seawal was debris and devastation.  They were showing pictures of the streets lined with wreckage from a Hooters, Pier Fishing shops, and the Balinese Room.  The Balinese Room has been around for over 70 years and hosted such entertainers as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. 

One news reporter mentioned that there was debris covering the seawall boulevard for over 30-40 blocks.  It has been crazy to watch some of the new reports roll in.  I agree with Kaylene that watching to much of it makes you feel sick. 

The picture is from via the Associated Press.  Click on it and it will take you to the news link for the Balinese Room.

PostHeaderIcon Rodney

Rodney the Rabid Raccoon

TexanaRatcoon Rodney was the nickname that my family gave to the raccoon who so huggingly gave me rabies.  I was a teenager in Aiken South Carolina and was weeding the bushes at the side of the house.  Afton was asleep on the couch and Mom was out doing errands.    I heard a strangling gurgled noise and turned around to see a raccoon standing at the end of the row.  Literally, standing on 2 feet, swaying like a drunkard.  I didn’t know what to do.  It was a short stalemate with me standing on one side not knowing what to do and him staring me down through a haze.

TexasRatcoonsQuick as a flash, he closed the 10 foot distance, jumped, wrapped his legs around my leg, and started going to town on my knee with his little raccoon teeth.  It took me a second for shock to wear off, and then I kicked him across the yard.  I should have followed him to figure out where he was going, but instead, I ran inside yelling about how I had been bit by a raccoon.  Afton woke up long enough to look at me, say yeah right, and then role back around back to sleep. 

I waited until my mom came home, and told her that I’d been bit by a raccoon.  She didn’t believe me either, until I showed her the hole in my pants and said, why would I do this.  So we went to the Doctor and I had a Bazillion shots and had to come back for 5 more weeks while they rotated more shots on my body.  By the time I was half way finished with the shot treatment, I found out that the neighbor lady had also been bitten.  She had then dragged the raccon scratching, biting and hissing all the way from their Blueberry patch to the front steps of her house.  At this point her husband brought a baseball bat and beat the raccoon to death.  They sent it off for testing and sure enough….  It did have Rabies.

 BTW, I despise raccoons.  To quote Kaylene….

“They’re oversized cockroaches”.

Dedicated to the memory of Rodney the Rabid Raccoon. 

Comic owned by Mitch Clem at

PostHeaderIcon Short Messages from Pangea Day Speakers

I enjoyed these short messages that had such an outreaching theme to them.  To view the video’s please click on the links



PostHeaderIcon Learn another Anthem!!

This was a Project leading up to Pangea Day and I included some of my favorite Anthems.

France Sings the United States National Anthem.

Australia sings the Lebanese National Anthem.

PostHeaderIcon Look Again…

These videos I enjoyed for their comdey, plot twists, and views about why we do things.  Click the link to go directly to the Pangea Day page where they have more info on each video.

A video about Children in Mozambique and how they have fun making balls out of the common items they can scrounge up.  Cute video and a interesting take on a small aspect of Relief Aid in Africa…

The Ball


What seems a simple video at first, but watch the end and tell me what you think..

Dancing Queen


Alzheimer’s is an ugly disease that can destroy a family member right in front of your eyes.  Which begs the question to so many families with an Alzheimers patient…

Por Que Lo Hago?


Iranian Comedy with a train, two ladies, two soldiers, a kiss, and a slap.

Sili (The Slap)


PostHeaderIcon Tank Driver – A freelance video submission.

This was a freelance submission looking through the eyes of a tank driver at Tieneman Square in China.


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