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I answered all the questions on my wife’s blog and now I have to see how well I know my wife.  GULP.  I’m not looking forward to that, but OK.  Hopefully I do at least half as well as she did.

-How do you feel about Country Music?
Kevin being Kaylene: It’s probably one of my favorite overall Genre’s.  I haven’t collected a lot of newer country music, but it makes up the majority of my library.

Kaylene:  Yup. 🙂

-How many curlers does your wife wear in her hair at night?
Kevin being Kaylene: I don’t wear curlers to bed.

Kaylene: I don’t, but I did a couple times as a kid, and rag rollers a couple times for a musical in High School, my hair could really keep that kind of curl, now I’m really tempted to try it again! 😉

-What is the last book you read or are reading?
Kevin being Kaylene: Home Plans/Paint books for rooms.

Kaylene: Matt and Share: Real decorating for real people, or Candice Olson: On Design, so yeah. 🙂

-What 3 movies would you take to a Desert Island (this is of course assuming that you could watch them there)?
Kevin being Kaylene: Princess Bride, Quest for Camelot, First Knight

Kaylene:  Hmm, I thought about this one overnight, and he’s right on, and probably answered them faster than I would.  Princess Bride is an all time favorite of mine, Quest for Camelot has a LONG back story, that has a bit to do with the way our romance blossomed back in 2000, and for that reason is really special to me (and it would entertain the kids more than all the other movies we’d take according to our lists… LOL! and First Knight, YEAH!  I’m Crazy about the whole Arthor, Camelot thing, and the visuals, and whole feel of that movie just kills me, I eat it right up! I totally want to copy the court yard in Camelot in my home one day!

-What 3 TV shows on disc would you take to a Desert Island?
Kevin being Kaylene: A good Cooking show, Private Practice/Greys Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters

Kaylene: Office, House, …  Can’t I just take my computer, internet access, and a link to  Love that place!  I think I’d get bored of the same three TV shows…  But I guess my third choice would be a cooking show, assuming I’d have a good stocked kitchen and CHOCOLATE!

-Does this quiz stink?
Kevin being Kaylene: Kinda, but I love my husband so I’ll do it anyways. :)

Kaylene: Hahahahaha, read my blog’s version of this question. 🙂  I really enjoy it and getting to know my hubby better, and what he thinks I think. 😀

-Name your 3 Favorite Fruits:
Kevin being Kaylene: Not TOMATOES.  My husband’s Grilled Pinapple, Oranges, and Chocolate

Kaylene:  Hmm, Kevin’s right NO TOMATOES (unless they’re in a good Pico de Gallo or cooked and well seasoned) I do LOVE his grilled pineapple, but I recall helping coat it with brown sugar 😉  I’ll have to say, Raspberries (especially dipped in chocolate, but any way will do, mmmm!) a good in season Watermelon, especially in the hottest part of summer, and Lemonade, when i think of fruity things, I LOVE cold, fresh, hand squeezed, lemonade.  But Kevin’s grilled pineapple is right up there.  I forgot how much I like fruit!

-What is in the Back Seat of your car right now?
Kevin being Kaylene: What Car?  My husband drives the family car as a commuter so in his back seat is the Kids Safety seats.

Kaylene:  I don’t technically have a car.  I’m insured on Kevin’s but I’m not on the title.  someday I’ll get a mini van…

-When was the last time you threw up?
Kevin being Kaylene: I don’t know.  I’ve been sick lately, but I can’t remember when I last threw up.

Kaylene:  I think, and I’m pretty sure it was morning sickness when I was pregnant, I’ve gotten the tummy bug since then, but it takes a lot for me to throw up, thanks to so much practice trying to trying to keep my cool when pregnant.

-What is your favorite curse word?
Kevin being Kaylene: I have larger problem with that than my husband, but it would be D****t.

Kaylene: Or D***  or S***, when I burn something, or realize I’m almost out of gas, or smash my finger.  Or if you ask Michael it would be “stupid,” “dumb,” or “hate,” I tell him not to use those words and then I turn around and use them…  Shame on me!  Mind you he’s usually using them about people, I’m usually using them about inanimate objects, but still.

-Name one thing you are really good at:
Kevin being Kaylene: I’m a great photographer.  At least my husband thinks so.  I enjoy photography, and can relaly be hard on myself.  I just see it as striving for perfection in my trade.  I also seem to know tons of stuff about arts, crafts, and music.

Kaylene:  I’m not very comfortable with my skills, I do think I improve all the time, but it gets to feel REALLY big for me something.  I’m Glad Kevin believes in me though! (((HUGS)))

-Name one thing you are really bad at:
Cutting people off in the middle of a conversation or sentence.  I’m not sure that’s the case, but Kevin seems to think so.  Truth be told I’m not sure what Kevin thinks I do badly.  or maybe he just can’t say.

Kaylene: True, true, I just get so afraid that I’ll forget what I’ve got to say… Not a good excuse though.

-What 3 books would you take to a desert island?
Kevin being Kaylene: 1~ Twilight Series, 2~ a Huge Home Plan/Design book, and 3~ Paint Books/Chips/Home Design….  I’m really in that phase right now.  Oh’ and I’d bring chocolate.

Kaylene: I am REALLY in the decorating/house plan phase, I mean, if all goes well we’ll FINALLY own our own home within a reasonable amount of time, so, living with my parents and having little to no control over those type of surroundings at the moment, I’m TOTALLY into that.  But, if I was moving to some desert Island, adn there’s no Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other Home improvement store anywhere around, I think I’d avoid that stuff.

ROFLOL about the chocolate, he really knows me, life would be torturous without the chance to have a little chocolate any day I want!

OK, so assuming the scriptures would already be on this Island, I’d go with series to kill time (uh oh, another bad word, don’t tell Michael!) since nobody mentioned how long we’d be stuck on this island.  Twilight Series including the new ones from Edward’s POV, The whole Box Car Children Series, LOVED it as a kid, and I would LOVE to have all of them to read to my kids, and I think Anne of Green Gables.  It’s been too long since I really read for recreation.

-Name your 3 favorite drinks:
Kevin being Kaylene: Water, Chocolate Milk, and um…. Rootbeer, and chocolate?

Kaylene:  Rootbeer YUMMY!  Lemon Raspberry Slush, and I LOVE cold spring water.

-Name your 3 Favorite Vegetables:
Kevin being Kaylene: Grilled Asparagus, squash, and avocados, and chocolate.

Kaylene:  Great Answers!  I think that’s about right, I cant ‘think of anything I like more than those, though a good corn and bean salsa is yummy!

-What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Kevin being Kaylene: Bear Tracks, or anything really chocolatey.

Kaylene:  My Hubby knows me well.  I like anything chocolate with brownies, caramel swirls, chocolate swirls, chocolate bits, oreo’s (now wouldn’t it be decadent if they came up with a cookies and chocolate cream ice cream?!?!) Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios, especially coated in chocolate.  The more variation of chocolate the better!

-What was the last thing you ate?
Kevin being Kaylene: Leftovers from Rib City Grill in AF.  I went there on a Date with my husband who loves me sooooooo much and then I shared my leftovers with my family for lunch.

Kaylene:  Hahaha, by the time I read this it was Ziti pasta and home made bread sticks, right now it’s cough drops and water (silly cold!), but for lunch I did have my Rib City leftovers, and I shared them with Ryan and Aiden, I LOVE my dates with my hubby, and not just cause we get to eat out sometimes, but we get a good chance to connect without so many distractions.

-What is the last sporting event you watched?
Kevin being Kaylene: I don’t watch sports.  Maybe it was the WWF clip I showed Kevin from 1997 with The Rock, and 2 other guys.  Macho Soap Opera.

Kaylene:  That would probably be it.

-Are you free on Saturday night?
Kevin being Kaylene: My husband is going out on saturday with a bunch of friends to go watch a movie, and depending on when he gets home, we’ll find out.

Kaylene:  There’s a girl in the ward I grew up in getting married tomorrow, and I hope to drop into her reception, and there are a couple girl friends in town, so that would be AWESOME too see them, but nothing solid yet other than Kevin’s movie with his friends.

-What is your first thought when you hear “Australia”?
Kevin being Kaylene: David and Amanda.  Our friends from Houston.  David is from Western Australia.

Kaylene:  Manda and Dave.  Dave is a helicopter technician, and I think of Joey’s jacket, it’s army colors, with helicopters instead of normal camo, cute stuff.

-How many states have you been to?
Kevin being Kaylene: 10

Kaylene: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  So 12, I think he forgot Nevada and Arizona.  I think that’s it, though a little birdie told my my Hubby may want to take me on a romantic get away for our anniversary to Portland Oregon where he served his mission.  Fun stuff!

-What is the biggest annoyance in your life right now (besides this quiz)?
Kevin being Kaylene: Not having a Van or a home for our family

Kaylene:  Those things are pretty tough for me, but it works out.  But it may just be not having my kids play zone and my computer being in the same room.

Check back to see Kaylene’s answers…


Fun stuff Kevin!  LOVE YOU!  🙂


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