PostHeaderIcon Fun things to do with a Wii Remote!!

Technologically geeky enough for me.  And it’s got Nintendo on it. Ha Ha.

Wii Remote hacks demonstrated.


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  • Will Thomas says:

    This was pretty cool. I don’t own a Wii, I’m into the old school 8-bit Nintendo. Can I do this with my old school Nintendo gun for duck hunt? LOL By the way, I’ve always wondered how that gun worked.

  • Kevin Steele says:

    Oddly enough the idea is similar between the Wii mote and the Duck hunt “Light gun”.

    1st off, the basic idea of an actual REMOTE is that the main device has a receiver and your remote sends it commands using infrared light pulses. Depending on the sequence of the pulses, a different command is given. This is not how the Wiimote or the old Light Gun worked.

    LIGHT GUN: The idea is radically simple. the light gun has a simple camera in it that reads light and color. when you point at the tv and fire, it takes a quick picture. The system matches the picture against the image it was displaying and decides whether or not you “Hit” the duck.

    WiiMOTE: The Wii has a sensor bar that actually does NO SENSING. It is simply 2 infrared lights that continually pulse on and off. Your Wiimote has the receiver and when you point it at teh bar, it sees 2 horizontal blinking lights. If the lights move down, then the controller is moving up. Up is down, left is right, right is left, yada yada yada. If the lights are verticle, then the remote is being held side ways. There are more sensors on the wii mote like a gyroscope and accelerometer to tell balance and speed.


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