PostHeaderIcon Happy Yester-Birthday to me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I took it easy.  I still went to work and did the day to day.  But I didn’t worry about the outcome.  I went to lunch at “Chicken Wing” (An Asian restaurant near the Med Center) with Jeromey, Crispin, and Isani.  While there, Kaylene called me up since she had just finished with Michaels School class and had half a cake left over.  She came by and dropped it off.  I stayed and the other guys went back to work while Kaylene and Aiden had lunch. 

I had to use the restroom and when I came out, Kaylene was chasing after aiden who was running through the restaurant in bare feet.  Oy, little kiddy.  he climbed up on one of the tables and a nice lady from the restaurant grabbed him  and teasingly said, now you get to work in the kitchen with me.  Ha ha ha.  I laughed and she handed him over to me.  He’s our cute little stinker.  Kaylene dropped me off at work after lunch and when I was finished she picked me up again.  We got home and opened presents and Kaylene got dinner ready as I helped Michael with his homework.  Kaylene prepared my dad’s Stroganoff, one of my personal favorites and added a few special spices to the mix.  I hadn’t realized it until she asked me to taste it and see if it had everything.  I have to admit, that my first thought was, that it didn’t taste right.  NOT BAD, not at all, it tasted great, It jsut wasn’t what I was expecting.  I told Kaylene that I couldn’t tell her what it might need since I didn’t know what was in it.  She added an extra can of cream of Mushroom Soup and that evened out the flavor.  I prepared Minute Rice while she finished her Lemon Pepper Asparagus. 

 Kaylene, you ROCK.  That was a delicious dinner and I loved the food.  We got the boys to bed and took the rest of the night easy since Kaylene wasn’t feeling good.  I think we watched some House and Futurama episodes. 

I got to talk to my Dad, Brothers, and Shelly and we spread the birthday joy around.  My co-workers tell me I’m an honorary mexican due to my birthday falling on Cinco De Mayo.  The funny thing is that they celebrate it here like Mormons celebrate Pioneer Day in Utah…. except with out all the Mexican beers, and Tequila.  LOL.

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  • Kaylene says:

    Thanks dear, sorry I wasn’t feeling well for your birthday. (((HUGS))) Love you! And Hahaha! about the pioneer day vs. cinco de mayo commentary. So true.

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