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We stayed.  Both Kaylene and I prayed about it and we felt comfortable staying.  We experienced intermittent power loss throughout the night but by the morning the power was back on as well as the internet.  I wanted to include some pics and thoughts of this Hurricane called Ike.

Ok, so Ike has come and went and Houston is definitely worse for wear.  Centerpoint Energy controls the Power grid for central Houston/Harris County and has announced that only the Medical Center and Downtown area still have power.  They estimated that only half a million people have power and that it will be 1-3 weeks before the other 2.1million people (In Harris county only) will have power restored.  Galveston was hit hard, just as predicted, yet many of the residents stayed.  I guess they thought it would be fun.  After all this was the third Hurricane to blow our direction in the last 2 months. 

The Balinese Room

The Balinese Room

Ike decimated much of Galveston Island.  All allong the seawal was debris and devastation.  They were showing pictures of the streets lined with wreckage from a Hooters, Pier Fishing shops, and the Balinese Room.  The Balinese Room has been around for over 70 years and hosted such entertainers as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. 

One news reporter mentioned that there was debris covering the seawall boulevard for over 30-40 blocks.  It has been crazy to watch some of the new reports roll in.  I agree with Kaylene that watching to much of it makes you feel sick. 

The picture is from via the Associated Press.  Click on it and it will take you to the news link for the Balinese Room.

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