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Raise your hands….

How Many of you have ever left the United States?

How many of you speak a foreign language?

How well do you know your neighbor?

How well do we know our neighbors?

The world is our neighbor. 

For one day, for 4 hours, we can find “stories told BY the world, FOR the world”.  It will be shared in 180 countries with thousands of locations.  Along with 24 videos, speakers such as the Queen of Jordan, and Musicians like Gilberto Gil and Bono.  Join me in participating in Pangea Day.  I ask you to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

This is a crossover from a TED Prize winner who did not ask for world Peace, but that there come a way for the the world to be more aware of each other.  I’m not a Jet-setter, but I’ve been a world traveler.  I spent my childhood in Saudi Arabia and I was the foreigner.  I feel that we are, too often, removed from the world.  We rarely even “step out of our back porch”, to quote a Belizean friend.  Pangea Day promotes, a joining of people that gets me…  I don’t know how to put it, but I’ve become emotionally attached to this and cannot wait to see what my world wide neighbors have to share with me.

 Find a local place to watch, or watch at home. 

Find the world at Pangea Day

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