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Hey Folks,
I’ve had a rough couple of days trying to remember, all that happened, that I could remember.  There is so much that I know is there and I cannot write it all at once, but I cannot decide where to start.  Some would say start at the beginning, and while my list is chronological, I’m writing for myself, but also for the people who were there along side me the whole time.  Please, please , please leave a comment and let me know which (Up to 3) posts you think you would enjoy the most.  Please keep it at a 3 maximum.  Knowing what people might want to hear makes it easier to start.
  1. Events leading up to the ER
  2. Waking up after the first surgery
  3. Brief Explanation – Who’s Tracee?
  4. What I remember during the first time I was OUT.
  5. Waking up a 2nd time
  6. TRIPPING OUT!!! – Coming off of Propofol
  7. Getting through ICU
  8. Friends and Family
  9. Leaving the ICU
  10. Going home – Kinda
  11. Recovery – Physical
  12. Recovery – Mental
  13. How Insignificant and Precious
  14. What I remember the 2nd time on “Holiday”
  15. My sweetheart.
Thanks Everyone….

10 Responses to “Where should I start?”

  • Gabe Everett says:

    I would like to hear them in chronological order. So 1 then 2 then 3 first. =) Thanks! Though, there are many that I would love to hear about, the order seems relevant to me.

  • Liz Minster says:

    Kevin – Choose only 3???? I’m glad it is just a start. I think each area is so important to the overall event and for recording purposes. I think of future generations that will read this just as we read (and hear) about past generations with your Dad’s weekly emails. I would say start in order -the way things happened.

  • Jack Steele says:

    Wow, there’re so many of these I’d love to list… I hope I get to understand them all eventually… in the meantime, the three I know the least about, I think is:


  • Kaylene says:

    #3, #4, #8, #13 and #14. Sorry, I wanna see all of these ones!!! LOVE YOU!

  • Chad says:


  • Alex says:

    Choose 3??? Seriously!? How about one at a time? Start with #1. Maybe you can consider this a draft for a book. People are always inspired by stories like this. Best!!

  • Karen says:

    #1, #2, #3, #4, #5…..OK, I really do want to hear all of it, as much as you can remember and are comfortable sharing. Thank-you for being willing to put this out there.

  • Mark says:

    Start at the beginning, but tell all please!

  • aunt Marlene says:

    I agree with the idea of starting at #1 and going forward. Maybe if you do #1, then start on the next and remember more about 1, you can go back and edit. It is something you will treasure and so will family.
    For me, going back in memories to process everything, is a great way of packing it up and moving forward. If it is the same way for you, then just begin. thanks for sharing.

  • Mom says:

    Thank you Kevin for beginning to consider/writing your experience. I would love to read whatever it is you write.

    Love, Mom

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