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I just wanted to Announce that I passed my second Ethics Class on Tuesday Night.  Yay ME!!!  This last term has been stressfull in many ways, but mainly due to getting ready for a new baby and then new baby showing up.  I’ve finished the minimum 12 credits for the term, and did alot of other things, sometimes with one arm behind my back.  🙂  Things like:

Networks I
Ethics I
Social Science II
Ethics II
Last trimester (as a Daddy)
Birth (Yay Us – Love you Joey)
Full Time Job
Christmas Break
Family down for the Blessing (I had to take a final while they were here.) 🙁

I have to say thanks to Dr. G. Teston.  He’s my student Mentor and has been a great help and guide this last year and a half.  I got into the middle of my term and had WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON!!!!   Aghhh.  With Joseph being born and full time life, I didn’t have as much time to study for my course.  Dr. Teston made it possible, by rearranging my schedule and making sure I had more than enough time.  Sincerely, Dr. T., you have my utmost thanks.  At the end of every term, Dr. Teston sends out a post card to his students and on the card is a great message.

A personal thanks from Dr. Teston for all your hard work this term!
While working on post-grad studies at Harvard, I met a fellow computer science student who programmed brilliantly despite having almost no use of his hands.  When I asked him about the source of his success, he replied, “Determination can overcome weak hands, but there is no substitute for hard work.”  That chance meeting inspires me to always say “Thank You” to my students who succeed…because we can’t always see all the hard work behind the success.
G.Teston, Ph.D., M.S., M.Ed.

Thanks to all you out there who rooted for me.  I’m through with another term.  Hooray.

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  • Sara says:

    hooray, that is awesome! i am so happy for you kevin! now go and celebrate!

  • Peggy says:

    Kevin! You are incredibly awesome! especially with an arm behind your back! Passing all 12 credits with all that has been going on is terrific. We are so pleased you’re staying with it!

    GO KEV!

    Love you, Mom and Dad

  • Kevin Steele says:

    Dr. T.

    Classes Finished:
    Education without Boundaries
    Leadership and Professionalism
    Quantitative Literacy
    Foundations of Language and Communication
    Quantitative Reasoning and Communication
    IT Fundamentals I
    Rhetorical and Critical Writing
    IT Fundamentals II
    IT Fundamentals III
    Programming Fundamentals
    Networks I
    Ethics Part I
    Ethics Part II
    Social Science Part II: American History, American Government, World History, Geography

    Classes still to pass:
    Research, Writing and Oral Presentation
    Project Management
    Client Systems
    Natural Science Part II:Concepts & Theories-Life Science, Earth Science, Space Science, Physical Science
    Web Technologies
    Reasoning & Problem Solving in the Context of the Humanities Part I
    Reasoning & Problem Solving in the Context of the Humanities Part II
    Programming Fundamentals II
    Database I
    Security I
    Technical Writing
    IT Portfolio
    IT Capstone Project

    Kevin Steele

  • Kaylene says:

    I hadn’t ever seen this last comment! Yay Kevin! You go!

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