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Ok. How many of us walk into a restaurant thinking… I’ll just have the salad.  Then think of what you actually walked out with.  Now read the following.


This reminds me of me.  I dont’ think I like to pig out.  I just like food.  I enjoy taste and texture.  I like finding the ingredients, purely from tasting the food.  So if something looks attractive, I’m sorely tempted to chow down.  Most who know me know I love barbecue.  LOVE.  Like, I would have married it if I hadn’t found a more glorious partner.  So, I decided to list a few of my Favorite Restaurants/Food Makers.

  1. SweetAndZestyPlace: Famous Daves Barbecue
    Discovered: Midvale, Utah
    Favorite: Sweet and Zesty Barbecue Sauce
    Home Page:
    Wonderful food with a down home atmosphere and easy going blues flowing over the air.  Wonderful taste and true variety in the form of BBQ sauce choices.  Devils Spit for those who like it HOT, Georgia Mustard for the Carolina BBQ lover in you, or sweet and zesty for a little Memphis.  They sell the sauces online and they can be found in Texas Kroger Stores and other stores around the US.
  2. Guys SeasoningPlace: Guys Meat Meat Market
    Discovered: Houston Texas
    Favorite:  2 Hour Burger Time
    Home Page:
    Warning: This is not a restaurant.  This is WonderBBQ-To-Go!  Guys Meat Market is a Butcher shop whose roots go back as far as 1938.  You can find the shop on Old Spanish Road, right east of Almeda in the Medical Center of Houston.  The store is open Tuesday – Saturday.  I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND going on Tuesday -Friday during 11AM-1 PM.  At this time you can pick up a Guys BBQ burger with the works.  I’ve never had a better burger.  EVER.
  3. Marionberry Pie Ice CreamPlace: Tillamook Cheese
    Discovered: Oregon
    Favorite: Marionberry Pie Ice Cream
    Home Page:
    While they don’t make Barbecue, they make the best cheese ever.  And they also make my MOSTEST FAVORITE ICE CREAM!!!  Until I served my mission in Oregon, I had no idea that there even was a Marionberry.  But upon to Madras, MarionBerry Pie was the first desert that I had. Since then I’ve been hooked and Tillamook makes the best Marionberry Pie Ice Cream as well as all the other items like Cheese, Butter, and Beef Jerky.

Have you been to these places, used their product.  If so, I would love your thoughts on them.

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