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Some of you may be aware of a battle for the internet that is being waged in the Political arena, some of you may not, but the common name for it is “Net Neutrality”. Many people have heard of it, but most people I talk to don’t understand what it is or how it will change the face of the internet for the future. I’ve posted this very informative video which lays out why Net Neutrality is so important.

The basic idea is that your Major Telecom companies (AT&T, Southern Bell, Verizon, etc…) claim that since the internet runs over their cables, they should have the right to control access. This isn’t just content filtering, they basically want to turn the internet into a Cable TV type system. We pay for access(via AOL, Earthlink, or whoever your provider is), then you pay for Layers of access(like local TV, basic Cable, sports channels, movie channels, etc…) and they keep the profits. Can you imagine having to pay extra to get customer support for your computer, because your computers manufacturer is on a different “level” of the internet. It’s outrageous. The telecom companies had nothing to do with the creation of the internet, the browser, or most any other component used in modern day web browsing. It is also a threat to those who currently maintain their own content either personally or through a 3rd-party company (People wanting to read your blogspot blog might have to pay more just to access Some of it is unclear, and both sides have been spreading their own FUD(Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt). But it’s not hard to make the leap from Commercialized Print and Radio to a Commercialized Internet. Watch the Clip and leave a comment.

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